Useful Graphic Design Tutorials Online Business Strategy Interview with Caroline & Davina


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It was fantastic to finally have a chat with Caroline & Davina about their popular blog We chatted about many things pertinent to their tutorial site, including their online mentors, tutorials, subscribers and YouTube. We also discussed product creation, namely Caroline’s divine new eBook Impact with Images (go see here for more details and what Davina’s plans are to publish her own eBook in the near future too!

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3.35 The inspiration for

5.40 Their online mentors

6.25 Their online strategy

7.30 Their first eBook Launch!

10.00 Setting up their affiliate management plan

10.35 Their target demographic

13.30 Davina’s new eBook (on the Kindle market)

14.05 Future plans for selling their tutorials

15.00 How they find working in a partnership

16.10 Google docs, Dropbox & Google Hangouts

17.45 Sharing screens with Skype & Google Hangouts

19.75 Future plans for a forum

20.50 Subscribers and their list building strategy

22.35 Ed Dale, mentor and motivator to the girls, the 30 Day Challenge

25.20 Aweber and Autoresponders

26.00 Google Analytics and YouTube Metrics (and monetising them)

27.20 An example of them using their analytics (and surveys) to change their strategy

29.50 PLR – what’s that?

30.30 Guest Posting, how, when and why

32.50 Syndicating their blog posts

35.30 Future webinar training plans

36.20 Their successful YouTube strategy

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