Episode #356 – Console Designer John Oram, Wallpaper Speakers, And SoundCloud Direct Pay


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NEWS SoundCloud may pay institute artist-centric royalties Immersive audio easy with wallpaper speakers GUEST Console designer and "father of British EQ" John Oram John Oram started his career in the music business as the drummer for Mariann Faithful and a fill-in for the Yardbirds. On the side he began working at Vox during its heyday, contributing his expertise to the development of the wha-wha pedal, the fuzz box, the Continental organ, and the Super Beatle amplifier. From there he joined the legendary Trident Studios as design consultant and Chief of Design creating many consoles including the Fleximix, the TSM, and the iconic Series 80. He then founded Reflex Music Technology, inventing electro-acoustic preamps and pickups and supplying OEM products to guitar-makers Martin, Washburn, Charvel, Jackson, Lowden and many more famous guitar names. He then established Oram Pro Audio, where he continues to design and sell analog consoles and rack modules. During the interview we spoke about growing up in the music scene in the UK, working at Vox, the real story behind Trident, the secret to the sound of his EQ, having Covid twice, and much more. On the intro I�ll take a look at Soundcloud going to an artist-centric payment model, and wallpaper loudspeakers. var podscribeEmbedVars = { epGuid: 'https://bobbyoinnercircle.com/?p=2750', rssUrl: 'https://bobbyoinnercircle.com/feed/podcast/', backgroundColor: 'white', font: undefined, fontColor: undefined, speakerFontColor: undefined, height: '600px', showEditButton: false, showSpeakers: true, showTimestamps: true };

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