Podcast Episode 3- Costuming on a Budget with Gina White


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We are back from Costume College! Hurrah! This year one of the big standout costumes for me, personally, was a gorgeous frothy confection of satin and chiffon and beads made by the talented Gina White. I’ve been watching for months while Gina meticulously hand beaded each piece of this amazing gown inspired by Charles Worth.

Gina is a long time costuming hero of mine. She makes gorgeous and authentic looking garments from all over history, and she is the queen of Victorian gowns. She does everything from wedding gowns to maternity gowns, to sportswear, to mourning, and has the perfect accessories to match.

Gina is a creative soul who knows how to cut corners and meet dreams with stunning results. In this podcast she talks about her costuming, her fashion shows, and gives us tips on how to keep our costume dreams within budget.

Side note from Lauren and Gina:

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