Dariann Leigh's Emotional Military-Inspired Song "10,000 Miles"


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Country artist Dariann Leigh talks about her latest music, her ultimate goal as a singer-songwriter, growing up with three older brothers, the worst thing she did as a kid, and much more in this episode of the Bored and Curious Podcast.
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Episode guide:
0:00 Intro & Upbringing
1:55 Early musical influences
2:25 What did you want to be as a kid?
3:16 First song you wrote
4:23 Dream collab
5:24 Ultimate career goal
6:12 Story behind the song "10,000 Miles"
8:01 Story behind the song "Let Me Go"
9:24 Behind the scenes - Dariann's YouTube channel
11:42 Whatcha watchin'?
15:17 Favorite movie
16:35 Favorite song
17:20 Celebrities in Nashville
19:15 Bucket list
21:44 Celebrity crush
22:47 Worst thing you did as a kid
26:13 Riskiest thing you've done
27:18 Could you not?
29:52 New music video!

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