Building a Thriving Wellness Business with Katherine Cynewski


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Entrepreneurship is seeing a desire in the market and then acting on it. It’s not about waiting around for someone else to do it. It’s about choosing to fill the gap, taking that scrappy, messy action, and going all in to build a soul-aligned business that supports you and your community.

In today’s episode, I am talking to Katherine Cynewski, business coach for purpose-driven wellness women, founder of Be Well Events and The Be Well Method, and a 500hr vinyasa yoga instructor. After working in corporate sales and business management for several years before leaping full-time freedom as a yoga instructor, she now supports other ambitious wellness leaders to step into their power and turn their passion into a wildly profitable business.

During our conversation, Kat tells us how Be Well Events came to be, how clarity and time-blocking help to reduce the chaos of running multiple businesses, ways to future proof your business in the wellness industry, and how her failures and mistakes led to a thriving, successful business. Plus, Kat walks us through how to create in-person events for revenue growth and community building.

In this episode, we cover:

  • Finding and filling a gap in the market [10:04]
  • How to manage multiple income streams [11:45]
  • Taking the pressure down in entrepreneurship [14:47]
  • Why your marketing needs to be in alignment [15:32]
  • Questions to help you bring an event to your community [26:00]

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