Negotiation secrets (from an enterprise buyer), with Mark Schenkius.


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A few years ago, Mark made the switch from a career as a procurement professional with Mars Foods to that as a sales consultant, trainer and author of a great book called "The Other Side Of Sales".

Now, he coaches sales reps about the strategies professional procurement use in their buying process so we sellers can be better prepared and better armed when we are finally dropped into procurement.

Often, we hear experts talking about ‘buyers want this, or they expect this', but do they really know?

In this show, we get to hear it from someone who really does know. Mark is an expert in buyer behaviour.

In this episode, we cover things like what you should be asking but are not… as well as what negotiation tactics procurement professionals use to get you to lower price or change your offer.

What I learnt is that many times, just when you think the deal is done, the negotiation is just starting.

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