BPR Full Show: The Dog Days of Summer


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Today on Boston Public Radio:

We start the show by opening phone lines, talking with listeners about the potential return of happy hour.

Jenifer McKim shares the latest installment of the investigative series “Unseen,” explaining how dating apps like Grindr perpetuate the abuse, assault, and trafficking of underage boys. McKim is an investigative reporter with the GBH News Center for Investigative Reporting.

Andrea Cabral discusses the criminal charges against former State Police Captain James Coughlin and his wife, Leslie, after teenager Alonzo J. Polk IV drowned at a high school graduation party hosted by the couple. She also shares her thoughts on the Biden administration legal team deciding that incarcerated individuals released from prison over COVID-19 concerns must return post-pandemic. Cabral is the former Suffolk County sheriff and Massachusetts secretary of public safety. She’s currently the CEO of the cannabis company Ascend.

Bruce Marks talks about the current state of housing in Massachusetts, and the upcoming expiration of the federal eviction moratorium. Marks is the CEO and founder of NACA, the nation’s largest Housing and Urban Development-certified nonprofit.

Paul Reville weighs in on recommendations that kids wear masks in schools regardless of vaccination status, and the Boston School Committee’s approval of changes to the exam school admission process. Reville is the former Massachusetts secretary of education, and a professor at Harvard University’s Graduate School of Education, where he also heads the Education Redesign Lab. His latest book, co-authored with Elaine Weiss, is: "Broader, Bolder, Better: How Schools And Communities Help Students Overcome The Disadvantages Of Poverty.”

Andy Ihnatko talks about the FTC voting unanimously to enforce the right to repair, and shares his thoughts on the team behind the Anthony Bourdain documentary “Roadrunner” deepfaking the late writer’s voice. Ihnatko is a tech writer and blogger, posting at Ihnatko.com.

We wrap up the show by asking listeners if we can no longer have a carefree summer due to COVID-19 and extreme weather related to climate change.

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