BOP Brews: Vol. 1


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This New Year's Evil, pour yourself something nice, sit next to a roaring fire, and listen to the first-ever Box Office Pulp clipshow! Then immediately throw out whatever drink you just made, because our Senior Mixologist Cody "Drinking" Alft is your guide through the world of movie-themed booze. Want the perfect drink to get you in the mood for Clue? Cody's drunk it™! Looking to dull the cosmic horror of Event Horizon? Cody's drunk it™! Want to get plastered while watching Harry Potter? Highly inappropriate for a variety of reasons, but you better believe Cody's drunk it™! So enjoy this compilation of one man's desire to unite cinema and suds, and for the love of Papa Satan, do your drinking indoors instead of forcing yourself upon the world like some kind of drunk Frankenstein, trapped in a world he never drank. WHEN THE GLASS IS FULL, DRINK UP, DRINK UP. THIS MAY BE THE LAST TIME WE SEE THIS CUP. IF GOD WANTED US SOBER, HE'D KNOCK THE GLASS OVER, SO WHILE IT IS FULL WE DOWNLOAD! Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher: Check out Mike's writing on!

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