Monster Crime!


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CRIME! It's shambling its way across this great land of ours, and we all know who's responsible! Creatures from the grave and beyond, coming into our towns, terrorizing our babysitters, striking down our camp counselors, and carrying our brides into the sea! Thankfully, the good men and otherwise of the B.O.P. have been tasked with restoring the rule of law, and in this broadcast they will suss out which of these Ghoul-Americans are hard-working members of society, and which should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. THE PHANTOM: Opera-house menace or harmless prodigy? MICHAEL MYERS: Who will speak for The Shape? DRACULA: Is he too dead to prosecute? Listen, or else they may soon be stalking your home... or yours... OR YOURS! EVERY DOWNLOAD MEANS A CROSS IN THE HAND OF YOUR LOCAL VAMPIRE HUNTER! Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

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