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Take gore and grime, mix well with bright lights and vibrant colors, add a pinch of flair on the soundtrack and you've got yourself... a ROLLER DISCO MASSACRE! Continuing our look at THE NIGHT SITTER, we chat with the creators themselves, writer-directors John Rocco and Abiel Bruhn, Producer Cristian Quintero and Editor Tristan Borys! Covering the origins of the film, yuletide inspirations, the going prices of gore these days, filming in your childhood home, the ease of scalping another human being for entertainment, our Lord and Savior Thomas 'Tobacco' Fec, and putting together their first feature. Download the interview now before someone pummels you to death with a dumbbell! Facebook: Twitter: Apple Podcasts: Stitcher: Amazon Podcasts: Check out for more and find their short films on YouTube!

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