You Can't Kill The Gummer: TREMORS 4: THE LEGEND BEGINS


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Sit around this campfire, podcast listener, and we shall tell you a tale. A tale of greed, and deception, and unstoppable will. A tale of a young country growing out of stolen soil, and the blood that watered it. And sandworms. It's Tremors, we're talking about Tremors again, it's another Tremors episode. Tremors 4: The Legend Begins, to be exact! Join Silver Tycoon Cody and Schoolmarm Jamie as they explore the last entry in the series to involve original co-creator S.S. Wilson, a Weird Western prequel that's as out-of-left-field as finales get, but also... might have the most to say out of the whole lot? We're just as surprised as you are, honestly. A word of advice, listener: Any link can be downloaded from, and if you can, do. Download the episode, I mean. This is the link. Find us on Facebook: Twitter: iTunes: Stitcher:

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