Eastern Band of Cherokee Election Results: Tribal Council And Expanded Alcohol Laws


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Eastern Band of Cherokee held its general election on September 2 nd . The unofficial results for the new tribal council and the three referendum questions on the ballot. BPR’s Lilly Knoepp spoke with Holly Kays, outdoor editor and staff writer at the Smoky Mountain News about the election results. Lilly Knoepp: So Holly and I just spent the day together at Tribal Council meeting. This was recorded September 9 th . She is much more experienced with Tribal Council than I am. She's been covering it for seven years now, can you kind of explain the breakdown of Tribal Council to folks? Holly Kays: So there are 12 members of Tribal Council, two from each of six communities. Interestingly, all 12 members come up for election every two-year cycle. Those cycles happen on odd number years, Principal Chief, and Vice Chief. They're actually on odd numbered years too, but just they have four-year terms. Lilly Knoepp: So what happened in this year's election? Where do we stand right now with the

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