How Dance Helped Create This Jackson County Celebration Of Harriet Tubman


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Downtown Sylva has a new addition - a sculpture of Harriet Tubman. Meet the local woman behind the sculpture. The 9-ft bronze sculpture called “Journey to Freedom” sits in Bridge Park. “Looking at the sculpture, I'm like that’s not my face but those are my hands, those are my feet, that’s my body. Like I am Harriet Tubman too.” That’s Jada Bryson. She’s a dance teacher in Franklin where her family has lived for as long as they have records. She was dancing at a Macon County Women’s History Trail event when she was approached by Cashiers sculptor Wesley Wofford. One of the reasons why he asked me to do it is because as a dancer and I have the stamina and flexibility to hold a position for a significant amount of time,” said Bryson, who runs the Dance Arts Co-Op at Cowee School . “Most people think, oh, you just go and you stand there and someone takes your picture and that's it. It's not like that at all,” said Bryson. “Each muscle has to do something. You have to be in movement, but

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