It's My Birthday! I'm 30! June 29th 2020


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Today is my birthday. I had a good early birthday party yesterday. And I was gonna have another birthday party today. But only an hour into my job at work, I got an unexpected call from my mom, saying that her friend (who I live/stay with) tested positive for Covid 19. So I was sent home. And I have to get tested soon, and I'm scheduled for July 8th. So I guess this means I'm off from work for a little bit, I don't know if this is indefinite or not. It depends on the test results as well as if my work will let me come back since I live with someone who's confirmed positive. But I know and trust God has a plan for me. So keep me in prayer. And I could use some financial help in this time as well, so if you want to help me or give me some birthday money, I have a Cash App. My Cash App tag is $BranMan197 or you can go to You can also send me mail, a check or anything you want to PO Box 1754 Alvin Texas 77511. --- Support this podcast:

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