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In this episode, Jeannette talks to Juha Jarvinen, Chief Commercial Officer of Virgin Atlantic. Juha has had a stellar career in the aviation industry over the past 3 decades. During that time, he has worked mainly in transformational roles, helping businesses to change direction and adopt new ways of working, so Juha is most certainly the epitome of Brave, Bold, Brilliant.

He and Jeannette discuss how Juha successfully led his teams through drastic changes, empowering them to overcome what were sometimes huge challenges. They talk particularly about how Virgin Atlantic weathered a massive restructuring in 2020 and navigated through the stormy skies during the CoVid pandemic. Juha also shares what it is like to be a gay man working in the travel industry and how he is a passionate champion for diversity and inclusion.


  • People will push back at times of change, but this can be used in a positive way to energise you.
  • Conflict and disagreements give you the chance to pause, re-look and re-plan when necessary.
  • Having people working in a company who genuinely love the brand is of great benefit.
  • In times of crisis, regular and honest communication is vital.
  • Working 24/7 is not sustainable - you need to take time off so you can stay afloat and be there for your team.
  • Crises also create opportunities.
  • Manage your time and energy, for example, stop working early enough for it not to negatively impact your sleep.
  • To be at your best, you need to be yourself.
  • Bringing your whole self to work is paramount so that you don't feel you have to live a double life.


'I don’t get energy out of conflict, but it does give me the energy to go back, re-plan and redo'

'During a crisis, you can end up working 24/7, but you can´t do that. If you don´t stay afloat, nobody survives'

‘Never underestimate the importance of sleep and exercise'

'Be your true self'

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Juha Järvinen is Chief Commercial Officer at Virgin Atlantic. He leads the Commercial function with responsibility for Network Planning, Joint Venture & Partnerships, Sales, Revenue Management, Distribution, Government Affairs, Sustainability, Holidays and Cargo business units, and core contribution to becoming the most loved travel company.

Before joining Virgin Atlantic Juha held several senior commercial and operation positions with other firms. Including Scandinavian Airlines and Finnair Cargo. His career within the air travel and cargo industries spans 3 decades.

Juha is currently President Emeritus of the Airline Passenger Experience Association [APEX] Board, a US-based non-profit association representing the global airline, technology and entertainment industry that looks at ways to continue improvements in customer experience – something that links in very well with Virgin Atlantic’s Velocity strategy. Juha holds an MBA from Danube University in Austria and a BA Honours from London Metropolitan University Business School.


Jeannette Linfoot is a highly regarded senior executive, property investor, board advisor, and business mentor with over 25 years of global professional business experience across the travel, leisure, hospitality, and property sectors. Having bought, ran, and sold businesses all over the world, Jeannette now has a portfolio of her own businesses and also advises and mentors other business leaders to drive forward their strategies as well as their own personal development.

Jeannette is a down-to-earth leader, a passionate champion for diversity & inclusion, and a huge advocate of nurturing talent so every person can unleash their full potential and live their dreams.


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