Gavin Sequeira interviews Dave Henning - Marketing Consultant and Radio Host Turned Podcaster, Author and Motivational Speaker


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In this podcast, Dave shares his journey that started back in the day, when he worked for the Kodak factory during his time at college. His career saw him try his hand at various different jobs in broadcasting as a radio and television instructor covering all aspects of the business from lead anchor to marketing and advertising, even writing award winning commercials. Dave continued on his journey and became an insurance agent, where he was dedicated to helping his clients meet their long-term goals and improve their quality of life without risk. Dave’s passion for others has seen him volunteer for many worthy projects with Emmaus Inn Ministries, Young Life and Kilgoris Project in Kenya to name a few!

Today, Dave lives in beautiful Costa Rica and focuses his energy on helping people towards their retirement. He is a motivational speaker, best-selling author and also a podcaster doing what he loves, sharing powerful stories of encouragement, impactful interviews and and life changing dialogue. Having faced many life challenges such as postponing his masters to look after his child with spinal meningitis, beating bankruptcy and many others, Dave has a positive mantra of ‘perseverance’ and ‘persistence’ and believes that ‘people who have the most failures have the most successes!’ As a registered John Maxwell Coach Dave teaches people how to achieve passive residual income for life. Connect with Dave at

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