Gavin Sequeira interviews Tara Solberg - Graphic Designer Turned Furniture & Homewares Business Owner


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In this podcast, Tara shares how she left her job as a graphic designer working in the surf industry on the South coast of New South Wales, Australia. Tara loved what she did and her work took her around the world to capture images to promote their brand. It was during this period she met her husband who also worked at the surf brand as a graphic designer. Whilst they enjoyed what they did, the company made changes to the way they operated, there was a lot of office politics and suddenly the joy of her work was missing. The restrictions meant that she couldn’t be creative anymore and this was a turning point for Tara, and that's when she began exploring opportunities where they could do something that would allow them to be creative and grow.

Today, Tara and her husband Danny run their own Furniture & Homewares business that really took off from day one and has gone from strength to strength. Tara discusses the challenges they faced in launching their business, however she also stresses on the importance of understanding the books from day one, having a strong ‘Why’ behind running their business, having a mentor in the industry that guided them and really evaluating whether such a business could support their lifestyle, particularly if they wanted to start a family. Tara dedicates some of her time to mentor other women who are looking to start their own business and has her own online course called ‘Trade Wins’ that shares all the tips and tricks on how to get their own store up and running based on her personal experience. Visit: to check out Tara’s business and we encourage you to reach out if you’d like to connect with her.

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