Keep Your Pants On ft. Richard Mills | Helping with E.D.


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Today we talk to sex therapist Richard Mills, who helps people with sexual problems, such as erectile dysfunction, rapid ejaculation issues, break up therapy and helping people understand that they’re not right for each other, and other similar sex issues. Richard has his own vision of building his own teaching institution, being happy helping people better themselves and their relationships. We discuss the difference between working a job and starting your own business and we get into the money making opportunities and where you can go if you have the right vision.
Who is Richard Mills? 1:10
What does a sex doctor do? 2:53
Switching to sex therapy 6:33
What is success? 9:40
Therapy has transformed 17:21
Richard’s routine 22:42
Are ED issues mental or physical? 26:22
Communicating your needs 32:47
Who do you want to be? 43:41
Find out more about Dr. Mills 48:08
“I want people to love what they do and I think having a joyful heart, and that goes into this whole concept of leading with kindness and being a student. Those are the biggest things.” 11:02 “I think [success] is being able to hang out with my cats all day. Those are the things, being able to build a legacy that’s something that you’re proud of. I think nobody taught me how to do business.” 11:46

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