Yours Truly Johnny Dollar: The Open Town Matter (Part 1 of 5)—07/23/1956


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In the July 23rd, 1956 episode of Yours Truly Johnny Dollar starring Bob Bailey, Dollar receives a telephone call from Ralph Kearns of Great Plains Guarantee. The company is investigating a fifty-two-year-old man who married a twenty-seven-year-old woman eight months ago. The man is the Chief of Police in Greensport, Missouri. One month after they were married an insurance policy was taken out for $50,000 on his life, with his wife as the beneficiary. Three days ago, the man was shot to death. Twenty-four hours later the man's "grieving widow" filed a claim on the policy. Great Plains wants Johnny to go to Greensport to investigate. To listen to the next four episodes in this storyline, go to -

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