(E29) Hot Brewtal Summer | Feat. 'Infinite Rebirth' from Texas Christian Industrial Deathcore Outfit Hard Look | Real Ale Brewing Co's Citrus Got Real Hazy Pale and Narragansett Beer's Del's Mango-Passionfruit Shandy Craft Beer Reviews


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Episode 29 Breakdown:


Todd prepares his pipes for a night out singing Creed's entire discography while Arie recovers from a big production trip and being sick. Monster not included. The episode gets Real, Citrusy that is, when Todd busts his beer out while Arie crushes it like Quint with his easy drinking Shandy from the East Coast. On the metal front we have Metal Titans Gojira raising an insane amount of money for their Operation Amazonia project, Signs of the Swarm announce their new ablum Absolvere, along with a staked tour to support it, A Day To Remember will have a night to remember when they take the stage for the first, and only time, this year, and we have some fire releases from Born of Osiris, DeadVectors, and Imperium AD! Don't get the fire extinguisher out just yet though. Our featured band will have you taking a Hard Look at yourself with their crushing blend of Christian Industrial Deathcore with some Texas attitude to boot. Cheers, hopwolves!

Featured Band:

This week's episode features Infinite Rebirth from Hard Look.


HARD LOOK is a Christian Industrial Deathcore band from Fort Worth, Texas that seeks to spread the Gospel into the darker corners of the earth.

What Hard Look is drinking:

No alcohol consumption from me, but I am really into craft root beer!

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Beers fueling this week's episode include Real Ale Brewing Co's Citrus Got Real Hazy Pale (Todd's pick) and Narragansett Beer's Del's Mango-Passionfruit Shandy (Arie's pick.)

  • Citrus Got Real is Hazy Pale Ale that produces big citrus flavors and aromas. With lemon, sweet orange peel, and hints of pineapple, you'll soon understand just how real citrus can get! Coming in at 6.0% ABV this is perfect our Hot Brewtal Summer. Real Ale Brewing Co. is located in Blanco, Texas.
  • Mango-Passionfruit Shandy is a collaborative effort between two iconic Rhode Island brands. Del's Frozen Lemonade stand and, of course, Narragansett! This thirst-quenching summer classic is so crisp, you'll have no problem navigating the waters of Jaws. The 4.7% ABV helps with the curshability, too. Narragansett Beer is located in Providence, Rhode Island.

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  • Gojira Amazonia Video

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Intro track by absolute legend ZaKrahe

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