(E31) Human Hell Yeah | Feat. 'Life Deprived' from UK Deathcore Outfit Human Hell | Austin Beerworks' Fire Eagle American IPA and Sierra Nevada's Wild Little Thing Slightly Sour Ale Craft Beer Reviews


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Episode 31 Breakdown:


But Hopwlves, it's Shark Week! Or at least it was during the recording of E31 of Brewtal, regardless, it's always Shark Week in our blackened hearts.

This episode has Todd recovering from his first float trip, and some brewtal fire ant encounters, while Arie teared up during The Ghost Inside livestream.

As much as Todd wanted to remember his fire ant encounters he decided to go with a Fire Eagle for his beer(works) selection, while Arie stumbled upon a Wild Little Thing, no it wasn't a shark, in his fridge for his beer selection.

Opening up the metal floodgates we found that the legendary Iron Maiden dropped their amazing new track, 'Writing on the Wall,' the almighty Phil Bozeman has teasing us with some BTS content for their upcoming 8th album, our boys in Haine got on a few dates with Shadow of Intent, Angelmaker, and The Last Ten Seconds of Life, not to mention more killer new jams from Crytsal Lake, A Night In Texas, and Slaughter to Prevail!

We float down from the shark infested waters into Hell of the Human variety for our featured band this week. Your life was one deprived, but will be fulfilled by the end of the episode.

Turn it up to 11, crack open that beer, it's about to get BREWTAL!

Featured Band:

This week's episode features Life Deprived from Human Hell.


Human Hell. Absolute finality. Void in rest. terra firma. Firmly in terror. Unanswered, we continue life deprived. We’re following up from our most recent single Amalantrah with a much heavier sound. Life deprived is released on all streaming platforms from July 16th

What Human Hell is drinking:

Our favourite beer is pretty much anything from the Camden Town brewery, mostly notably Camden Hells and Camden Pale. We also are very fond of Mikeller - Hair in the Mailbox.

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Beers fueling this week's episode include Austin Beerworks' Fire Eagle (Todd's pick) and Sierra Nevada's Wild Little Thing (Arie's pick.)

  • Fire Eagle is an American IPA that, "flavor swoops in (cue EAGLE SCREAM), grabs you by the face and flies you through the hop rainbow. At the peak of the ride it swoops back to earth and gently drops you back on your bar stool where you are refreshed, excited and ready to ride again." Easily, one of the best descpritions from a brewery out there, Austin Beerworks! This American IPA will have you screeching for sure after having a few of these bad boys coming in at 7.3% ABV. Austin Beerworks is located in Austin, Texas.
  • Wild Little Thing is a slightly sour ale that is light-bodied and refreshing! With notes of guava, hibiscous, and strawberry Wild Little Thing is very easy drinking with a 5.5.% ABV to boot. Very dangerous! Sierra Nevada is located in Chico, California and Mills River, North Carolina.

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