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We had the pleasure of interviewing Matt Lutz, the founder and CEO of Music Benefactors over Zoom video!
Music Benefactors is a brand new company, taking a whole new approach to SEC registered crowdfunding with a sole focus on the music industry. Recording artists and independent music businesses are able to raise capital for new projects and monetize catalogs by partnering with fans and investors. Recording artists, indie labels, music publishers, venues and other music businesses are able to use the platform to further connect with fans. Unlike traditional crowdfunding, fans and investors share the income that the projects generate. Independent businesses can raise up to $5 million per year.
Today, Music Benefactors has officially announced and launched their first artist partnership with the band, The Latin Dead, a new band fusing the music of The Grateful Dead with Latin Jazz.
On the launch of Music Benefactors, founder and CEO Matt Lutz shares, "Music Benefactors wants to be the go-to funding source for the music industry. We can structure favorable funding solutions for nearly any independent music business; recording artists, indie labels, music publishers, venues, producers and music technology businesses.
"Music Benefactors gives artists the money needed to be truly independent. In the past, “independent” has meant not being signed to a major label and too poor to properly market music. We want artists to be well-funded independents with control of their music. Fans and investors help them accomplish this."
He continues, “Fans have always driven the music business. Our platform enables them to take larger roles in helping artists make great music. Fans are providing the capital, which allows independent artists and music businesses to compete and thrive in an industry dominated by enormous corporations.”
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