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We had the pleasure of interviewing RIkas over Zoom video!
German band Rikas have just released their new EP 'Short Stories'! The 6-track EP features two unreleased tracks, as well as the previously released singles "Stereo", "I Always Think Of You (When I Listen To This Song)", "Superstitious", and "Party on the Rooftop". Short Stories will mark Rikas' first full length project since 2019, when they released their debut album Showtime, which has gathered close to a million streams.
Making the difficult sound easy. Seeing light in the shadows. Wrapping the bittersweet in such a way that every pill is swallowed joyfully. Not many can pull that off – and if it sounds as if they’re doing it off the cuff, you’re dealing with a small sensation. Maybe even a pretty big one. That’s right, here we go: All eyes on Rikas!
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