Buy and Hedge: Protect Yourself from Yourself – Miss Two Best Market Days?


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ZEGA CEO Jay Pestrichelli and Derek are back together to discuss some surprising data that shows missing just the two best stock market days of the year can dramatically change returns. How Buy and Hedge Hedged Equity Strategy can be a hedge on missing out on markets when your fearful or bearish. Plus, life hacks from a 10-year-old and a famous Peter Lynch quote

Peter Lynch quote

What is Buy and Hedge Strategy?

What is Buy and Hedge Retirement Strategy?

Hedged Equity to avoid FOMO in the stock market.

Hack for fresh French fries at McDonalds

Hedge on Cash mentioned by Value Afterhours podcast

Value investors and market valuation

Father’s Day gifts books from Jay Pestrichelli and Derek Moore

Hedged equity for fearful investors

Hedged equity for investors believing markets is at tops.

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