Lukas Nelson: A Star Is Born


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Growing up in a family full of musicians, Lukas Nelson was basically raised on stage. He started playing guitar in his dad Willie Nelson’s band when he was just 11 years-old. In 2008, Lukas formed his acclaimed band, Promise of the Real, who’ve also spent the last six years as Neil Young’s touring band. In 2017 Lukas was hired as Bradley Cooper's authenticity consultant for A Star Is Born. Lukas also co-wrote songs on the movie's soundtrack including the unforgettable opening riff of "Shallow."

On today’s episode, Lukas Nelson sings some songs from his band's latest album, A Few Stars Apart. He also talks to Bruce Headlam about the very relatable experience of quarantining with his parents. And talks about how the first song he ever wrote saved him from getting evicted from an apartment after leaving college.

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