483: Nik Wallenda | Facing Your Fears and Walking the Wire


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Nik Wallenda is a seventh-generation member of the legendary Wallenda family. Known worldwide for his incredible feats upon the high wire and beyond, Nik is the holder of eleven Guinness World Records, among which are the highest four-level eight-person pyramid on the wire, the highest and longest bicycle ride on a wire, and hanging from a helicopter by his teeth. Nik’s career began at the age of two, as he learned to walk the wire while holding his mother’s hand, leading from there to record-breaking performances across the United States and around the world. In 2012, Nik fulfilled his lifelong dream to become the only person to walk directly over the precipice of Niagara Falls, which was broadcast live by ABC. In 2013, he became the first person to walk a wire across the Grand Canyon, an epic event aired live by the Discovery Channel in 178 countries, breaking network rating and social media records in the process. The next Discovery special took place in Chicago, where he walked blindfolded between two skyscrapers in November of 2014. In June of 2019, accompanied by his sister Lijana Wallenda, Nik took it to yet another level, becoming the first person to walk over New York City’s Times Square, an event that was carried live on ABC. Nik’s motto is “never give up”, and he carries this positive message with him in every walk with the purpose of “inspiring people around the world to follow their dreams.” On this Episode: Nik gives a historical background to his family line and their life in acrobatic high wire acts. Nik shares the blessing and the curse of the pressures that come with a family legacy like his. Travis and Nik discuss the true passion Nik had for performing and how he faced the challenges of going 10 steps forward and 13 steps back. Hear Nik talk about his decision making process and why he enjoys the challenge of “impossible.” Nik talks about the importance of the relationships that have helped his family’s career. Key Takeaways: Your performance should not be about impressing people but rather inspiring people. We are in control of where we allow our mind to go- pluck the seeds of fear! Use negative moments in life to learn and deliver positive messages to others. Tweetable Quotes: “Life is on the wire, and everything else is just waiting.” Nik’s great-grandfather “There is something that clicks in me when someone says ‘It’s impossible’ or ‘It can’t be done’ there is something in my mind that goes ok that’s what I am doing next!” - Nik “I take something negative and counter it with something positive...I have learned that you have to practice it always!” - Nik Nik Wallenda: Order his book, Facing Fear, on his website: http://www.nikwallenda.com (www.nikwallenda.com) You can also connect with Nik there and stay up to date with all of his future events! Resources: Follow along with me on Instagram- @travischappell Visit my website for more information on resources and announcements:https://travischappell.com/ ( https://travischappell.com) Join the Facebook group to find community: https://travischappell.com/group (https://travischappell.com/group)
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