Ep. 138 "Lets Keep it Civil" Feat DJ Nyla Symone


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This week the beast was joined by friend DJ Nyla Symone who helped Wax answer voicemails and emails as the Bully was away. One voicemail doesn't if he should tell on himself before his sidechick tells on him about his dirty actions to his girl. Next they had a email who was struggling telling her parents she is moving in with her black boyfriend knowing that they will disagree. And based off all of this Karen Civil back lash of her owing and scamming people, why not make a topic about it! So for our segment "Who's On Drugs" we asked our listeners how much money have you ever owed or somone owed you?? And through all of this discussion you know the beast had to give his wisdumb, I mean wisdom on relationships and more. ********************************************************************************* DON'T FORGET! FOLLOW US ON IG @BULLYANDTHEBEASTPODCAST FOLLOW US ON TWITTER : @BULLYNTHEBEAST ************************************ Blue Chew Go to http://go.bluechew.com/bully-beast Try BlueChew FREE when you use our promo code BULLY at checkout-- just pay $5 shipping. ********************************** For Exclusive Content got to Patreon.com/thebullyandthebeast - extra email and voicemail -waxdom - behind the scene clips

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