Marketing Made Simple #4: What Specific Problem Do You Solve For Customers?


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Can you name the specific problem your business solves for your customers? Identifying your customers' problem deepens their interest in the story you invite them in and shows you truly understand them. It’s the “hook” of your story, but without it, your customers have no reason to engage with your brand causing your story to fall flat.

This week, J.J. and April guide you through the Problem section of the StoryBrand framework and how you can:

-Clearly identify the problem you solve

-Breakdown that problem into Three Levels of Conflict your customers are facing

-Implement problem-language into your marketing and messaging

J.J. also talks with Aleya Harris, one of our amazing StoryBrand Certified Marketing Guides, who shares how she worked to specify the problem for a client who was stuck in the weeds trying to figure out exactly what they solved for their customers. Contact StoryBrand Certified Guide Aleya Harris at


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