9 bold predictions for 2022


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When it comes to predictions, there are two types of articles that you'll find. The first type is where people put their minds to what might lie ahead, assess the prevailing conditions, and make a call on what they think will happen. They do so often against their will and with full knowledge that there is an even chance they'll get it wrong. But it is a bit of fun, and it gets the grey matter going.

The other type of article lectures us about how the evidence shows that making predictions is a mug's game. Today, we're going to assume you've read one of these lectures and move on to the fun stuff, thanks to the nine fundies who have given us their bold predictions for 2022.

Interest rates and inflation dominate the views of our guests and remain significant points of disagreement. They've also got their eyes on deflating bubbles in speculative investments, there's a contrarian view on why markets have years of clear skies ahead, and someone reckons the Wallabies will win the Bledisloe Cup!

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