28 - Imperial Milk Stout


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For people who like their dark beers both very strong and very rich, the Imperial Milk Stout takes all the body of a powerful stout and cranks it up further with additions of lactose. Being an unfermentable sugar, the yeast leave the lactose alone during fermentation giving the beer an extra luxurious sweetness.

As usual, we brew one ourselves and talk about it, then try these commercial examples:

Thornbridge - Cocoa Wonderland https://thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/

Elusive - Invisible Wall https://www.elusivebrewing.com/

Wander Beyond - Scoop https://www.wanderbeyondbrewing.com/

You can also find the recipe to this episode's beer at www.themaltmiller.co.uk

Final Gravity is also back and start from this episode is becoming a regular segment, sampling one or two of our previous beers once they're finished. To start off with this episode we revisit episode 20's "Gose"

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