32 - Green Hop Pale Ale


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When it comes to hops usually fresh is best. So what could be better than fresh undried hops straight from the bine! Some say it gives grassy and "green" notes, so if you're looking for the freshest hop flavour you can get, why not celebrate harvest season with a beer?

We brew a Green Hop Pale Ale in the episode and try these delicious hopped beverages:

Hogsback - Hop Garden Gold - https://www.hogsback.co.uk/

Dark Star - Hophead - https://www.darkstarbrewing.co.uk/

Wye Valley Meadery - Honey & Hops - https://www.wyevalleymeadery.co.uk/

We also try some "Herefordshire Hop" a delicious English hopped cheese!

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