49 - Belgian Tripel


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If you're a fan of strong beers and have an appreciation of subtle and easy drinking complexity, then a Belgian Tripel will always be a great beer to grab. A simple recipe and malt bill combines with delicate and delicious yeast esters to make a pale beer style that is famous worldwide.

We brew one ourselves then try these commercial examples:

Chimay - Tripel - https://chimay.com/us/

St. Bernardus - Tripel - https://www.sintbernardus.be/

Karmeliet - Tripel - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosteels_Brewery#Tripel_Karmeliet


We also try the Fruited Porter brewed in Episode 47. Find out what went right, what went wrong and what we learned by brewing.

If you're interested in brewing the beer in this episode, you can find the recipe at https://www.themaltmiller.co.uk/

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