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Camp Culture is Rooted in Your Core Values

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Did you just wince?

Admittedly, it’s scary, but also one of the most important things that can support our camp’s culture. On the podcast this week, CampHackers Travis, Gab and Joe discuss Camp Culture. The CampHackers explore how a camp’s core values are realized through the culture that your camp emits.

When it comes to change, try taking a look at what tools or practices at your camp support or detract from your values. Do they add, or take away from your culture?

This kind of mindset will help you and your staff understands the value of change at camp. We change to support our core values, and that will in turn, create a culture that is supported by every single staff member, no matter the changes that need to happen.

What are your core values? Have you ever had to go through some big changes to support your values? How did all of that affect your camp’s culture?

Please feel free to share some stories in the comments below.

Tool of the Week – Make Yourself a Better Camp Director

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