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It's not just about being a good neighbour!

(you should still be a good neighbour)

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First things first, if you don't draw campers from a community in close proximity to your site, DON'T TUNE OUT! If you were about to tune out but didn't due to the capital letters (you're welcome), this show may actually be perfect for you!

No matter how far your "draw" is for campers, it's absolutely critical that camps have a good relationship with their neighbours and local communities.

If you have close residences (especially on a lake), it's important to recognize the fact that you're a noisy, bell-ringing, song-sining (screaming) place. If your camp is a little more secluded, you may be facing the challenge that, despite your strong camper numbers, people don't even know you exist!

It's safe to say, you aren't the conventional neighbour, but that can be your biggest advantage. From dropping mailers on the docks of lake neighbours, to sponsoring local sports teams, to offering free meals for families in need, there is so much good that your camp can do, while doing some good for your organization.

CampHackers Travis, Joe and Dan are joined by Marc Cooper from Camp Tamarack and AWARD WINNING Jalisa Danhof from Camp Newaygo to bring to you an absolute TON of ways to be the best neighbour you can be for your community.

What are you going to do THIS year to connect with your local community? Let us know in the comments below!

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