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Give your culture of volunteerism a facelift

“Could I come up to camp and volunteer?"

Music to a camp director’s ears.

We all know that volunteers really are the life-blood of our organizations. If you have a good list of volunteers with a variety of skills, and a good list of tasks for them, then you will undoubtedly have a program that is always looking spiffy and have some awesome, hand-made stuff.

When looking at the ethos of volunteerism at your camp, the following questions likely come up:

  • How do we reach out and recruit more volunteers?
  • What happens if we have too many volunteers to do the jobs we have around camp?
    • (AKA - Happy Problems)
  • What are the implications when it comes to the liability of having volunteers versus professionals or hired staff doing the work?
  • And maybe the most important question - How do we show the volunteers that we do have, that they are valued?

Between CampHackers Travis, Joe and returning guest-host David Gill from Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center, they will not only answer the above questions, but fill your notebook with incredible new ways to approach volunteerism in your organization.

If you have any more great ideas to share, please feel free to share them in the comment section below. Thanks!

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