Can NFTs & Blockchain Create a Fairer Music Industry? Raine Maida Thinks So


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Joining Mike for this week’s podcast is Raine Maida. Of course, Canadian alt rock fans know Raine as the frontman for multi-platinum-selling band Our Lady Peace, but that is not the reason he joined the show. Instead, Raine is also heavily involved in the world of music business-focused technology, including being the Chief Product Officers for S!NG, which is one of the leaders in NFT market. So Raine and Mike chat about NFTs and the foundational blockchain technology behind it, and why Raine believes it could be a game-changer for protecting intellectual property to the benefit of artists, how it can curb the concert ticket scalping market, and other big questions like; what is the role of record labels if artists keep ownership of their masters? Needless to say, it’s a very interesting conversation…

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