Autonomous Security Robots with William Santana Li


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William ("Bill") Santana Li is the Founder of Knightscope. He and his partner, have formed a company in response to the tragic shootings at Sandy Hook and Boston Bombings. He has a passion, for creating an affordable platform to reduce both crime and economic burden in places of every facet of society with the right fusion of technologies and social engagement.

Knightscope builds fully Autonomous Security Robots, which are a very unique combination of self-driving autonomous technology, robotics, and artificial intelligence, to give our nation's 2 million law enforcement and security professionals, really smart eyes and ears for them to do their jobs much more effectively.

Mr. Li earned a BSEE from Carnegie Mellon University and an MBA from the University of Detroit Mercy.

In our conversation, we discussed:

  • What are Autonomous Security Robots?
  • The impact on society of these Autonomous Security Robots
  • Masterplan of Knightscope
  • The backstory of how Knightscope started

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