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He is a rock star when it comes to all things, marketing, and all things Commercial Real Estate, he's really kind of pioneered the way to recall the future-proofing your business as well as in your marketing. He's a nationally recognized leader and content creator in the Commercial Real Estate, Retail Restaurant, Franchise, and Digital Media Spaces. He actually started his Commercial Real Estate career in 2001, a real estate salesperson, and he happened to secure the Starbucks coffee account in Long Island, New York.

He shortly thereafter discovered support light while visiting friends in Los Angeles and helped design and execute their early New York expansion. He went on and pursued. He was pursued by CB Richard Ellis, and he became an integral part of their retail services team in 2007. And then, fast forward to 2010 he left CB Richard Ellis to start Sabre a premier cloud-based national commercial real estate firm.

In our conversation, we discussed:

  • What is future-proofing your business and why it's important?
  • Why wouldn't I join eXp and what would be the reason?

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