Episode 24: Finding your way through the postpartum haze with Lindsay Kellar-Madsen


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I am chatting to Lindsay Kellar-Madsen today, a Canadian author based in Denmark. Lindsay has just released her children’s book “The Lovely Haze of Baby Days,” a tribute to the beautiful chaos of motherhood. Lindsay joins me today to talk about finding your way through the postpartum haze.

With 4 children under the age of 6, Lindsay has just published her first children’s book and is also a business developer at the University of Southern Denmark. Lindsay and her family have been living in Europe for roughly the last decade.

Having her children away from her family and support structure has been difficult – not having your community around you to help and answer questions can be tough. The flipside is that it pushed her to build new relationships, friendships, and support structures. It’s also allowed her to listen to her inner voice and intuition more.

With her first daughter, it felt like everything was new and shocking. When her son came along it was a more peaceful time and Lindsay felt more confident. When she was carrying her twins in 2019, the stress returned due to the increased risks. The physicality and mental energy to care for 2 newborns as well as her older children was a lot for her to carry. For Lindsay, the most important thing you can offer a new mother is support and understanding.

It’s important to remember that so many things change with new children. To ease the load, Lindsay tried to focus on creating routines and structures for when the babies came. She also turned more to writing and used it as an outlet for her feelings.

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