300 - Crushing It In Short Term Rentals with J Massey of CashFlowDiary


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In this, the 300TH episode of the Cash Flow Guys Podcast I sit down with J Massey of Cash Flow Diary to discuss the amazing possibilities that can be had by investing in Short Term Rentals.

As a student of J's Jill and I have built an incredible STR business that allows us the freedom to run it from anywhere in the world.

Recently, we relocated to Key West, Fl to begin buying up long and short-term rentals in this market.

With the help of Mike Marino of LayoverMoney.com we plan to revolutionize the traditional methods of syndication investing by building a streamlined, highly optimized investing opportunity for our investors.

If you want to learn how to grow your very own short term rental business, you can get started today by texting "blueprint" to 949-506-5255

As a student of CashFlowDiary myself I can tell you that learning this skills will prove to be absolutely life changing if you choose to do the work.

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