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Live from the big stage at the Catholic Answers Conference! Questions Covered: 2:20 – What would you say are the most important things the we as Catholics can do to share the love of Christ and promote the cause of life in our communities? 05:05 – We know that out of respect for the body, the Church requires the remains or cremains must be interned whole and complete. So why do we spread class 1 relics all over the globe? Doesn’t this violate church teaching? 07:50 – My sister joined a church that rearranges their Creed to read “crucified, descended into hell, died, and was buried.” What are the implications of the Harrowing of Hell on Christology? 13:40 – How can we respond to someone who challenges the Church’s and Christ’s moral teachings out of a sense of empathy? 17:00 – How do you explain to fellow Catholics that Christ is in time but is fully God and God is outside of time? 19:40 – How would you go about the transformation by the renewal of your mind as St. Paul describes in Rom. 12:2? 22:55 – How has the Church portrayed Christ by allowing Cardinal McCarrick and other priests to remain in office even after their sexual abuses became known? 28:55 – Where in scripture does it show that Christ has a sense of humor? 30:50 – Why did Jesus Go to hell to save people? Why didn’t he do it from heaven? 33:55 – We just heard a talk on why Jesus’s manhood is so important. In light of that, shouldn’t we place similar importance on his ethnicity? 37:55 – If I don’t get the COVID vaccine I could lose my job, but it goes against my conscience. What would Jesus do in my situation? 46:50 – Jesus’ last words to the woman caught in adultery were instructions to sin no more. How does one not become discouraged over this seemingly impossible command? 50:38 – I’ve heard it said that transgender people are less likely to commit suicide if we refer to them by their preferred pronouns. How do you respond to that and have a conversation with regards to transgenderism considering the Church’s teachings and the image of God in us? …

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