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Questions Covered: 00:57 – If Calvin and Luther believe in the perpetual virginity of Mary, why, when, and who put a stop to this belief? Why was the doctrine of the Assumption defined? 04:28 – What is the Catholic justification for adding in the Filioque? 07:20 – Can you explain how Catholics should balance the worship/adoration of God and Mary? 14:17 – Where did the idea/ name for purgatory come from? And why don’t Protestants believe in it? 17:55 – I have a hard time joining together the common apologetics and the early Church history, especially with the letter of 1st Clement. When I read historians, I have a hard time connecting the two because the apologetic realm seems to be heavy and strict while the history realm tends to have a lighter take. 29:22 – I’ve learned that someone has to know that they’re committing a sin for it to be truly considered a sin. If someone was totally incapacitated, would they not be committing a sin if they’re not really aware that they are? 33:08 – Jimmy, what evidence do you have for your different opinion on the source of the Gospels? 40:15 – Could you explain the passage in Revelations that talks about Jesus spitting out those that are lukewarm? What is your opinion on those that are lukewarm in the present day? 46:19 – I’m converting to Catholicism and I learned I’m not supposed to read my old Protestant books. I know sometimes apologists read these to try to come up with ways to rebut what they talk about. Should I get rid of these or what should I do with them? 52:30 – In Matthew 16:18, if Jesus set up a visible, identifiable church, wouldn’t that prove Protestantism wrong because he protected his church from the gates of hell? …

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