Happier and Healthier–Arizona’s Success with Free Markets


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The Cato Institute is pleased to welcome Arizona governor Doug Ducey to the F. A. Hayek Auditorium this Thursday, October 14, from 2–3 p.m. for a panel discussion with Cato senior fellow Dr. Jeffrey Singer. “Happier and Healthier—Arizona’s Success with Free Markets” will explore the state’s leadership in public policies that seek to use free‐​market principles to improve the health care outcomes for its residents and how those policies might serve as a model for other states. Arizona has led with introducing first‐​in‐​the‐​nation telehealth reform and first‐​in‐​the‐​nation occupational licensure recognition; making better use of the health care expertise in the state workforce; combating the opioid crisis with proven solutions; and implementing a slate of executive actions that have made it easier to move to Arizona, get to work, access quality health care, and live a productive life.

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