Celtics PRIDE: Hornets Game Instant Reaction


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The CelticsPRIDE guys give an instant reaction to the Celtics' 4th game of the season - an overtime thriller vs. the Charlotte Hornets. Old friend Terry Rozier watched this game from the sidelines as the Celtics had to band together to climb out of a hole to even the score late in the 4th quarter. This supercharged Hornets team, led by dynamo gunslinger LaMelo Ball's 3 point shooting and passing was the better team most of the game. LaMelo's court vision and instincts created easy baskets all game long for Gordon Hayward and other teammates, but somehow Marcus Smart came through defensively with the luck of the Irish in the clutch. Adam Motenko, Josh Motenko @coachmotenko and Mike Minkoff @mikeminkoffnba discuss the patterns they're starting to see after 4 games this year, Ime Udoka's mistakes, and how much to overreact to them, as well as the difference between Brad Stevens and Udoka based on some quotes the players have made recently. They even give you a new segment they like to call "NBA Hair Update," as Coach Josh brings some humor to the Pod.

"This is the first time Gordon Hayward has played an NBA season without product in his hair since his rookie year. Do you think his injury fortunes will change?"

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