#176 Igor Ioffe: Crushing with Common Sense


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Today’s guest on CPG is longtime online and live cash game crusher Igor Ioffe.
Like many, many world-class cash game players around the world, Igor Ioffe has flown under the radar in the poker worl d for a couple of decades.
These are the types of guests I absolutely LOVE having on CPG because they’re human beings after my own heart. All they wanna do is compete at a high level on the tables, maximize their hourly rate, cash out, and go home.
Prestige and validation from the poker community at large is basically a non-factor.
And what ends up happening, as in the case of today’s guest Igor Ioffe, is they’re able to reduce the external noise, develop a streamlined process for improvement with an end goal of maximizing their poker ability, and over time they develop into a poker monster.
This may sound funny coming from someone with a podcast called “Chasing Poker Greatness” but, to me, poker greatness and anonymity are not mutually exclusive. For another real world example you only have to look at VeniVidi from the Galfond challenge.
With that said, in today’s conversation with Igor Ioffe you’re going to learn:
- A Greatness Bomb on the potential damage well-meaning poker teachers can cause to your results on the green felt.
- How Igor originally fell into the world of cards.
- What Igor believes are defining characteristics of winning poker players.
- And much, much more!
Without any further ado, I bring to you a man you very much don’t want to play poker against… high level cash game crusher, Igor Ioffe.
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