"Give The Drummer Some" with Dr. Amira Davis on CBBN Business Journals.


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Dr. Amira Millicent Davis, PhD is our guest for this episode of CBBN Business Journals. We were attracted by Dr. Davis’ piece “Give The Drummer Some” Rhythm, Revolution and The Chicago Sun Drummer published in Rise of the Phoenix, Voices From Chicago’s Black Struggle, 1960 -1975, Edited by Useni Eugene Perkins because of its historical significance. For those of you who were born after 1975 or who, like me was a child during that period, will find that the pieces presented in this book will give you some insight into today’s Chicago. Join us as we take a look at some of Chicago’s historical figures starting with The Chicago Sun Drummer. Dr. Davis’ areas of study include Educational Policy Studies at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She conducted post-doctoral research on supplementary Saturday schools for communities of African ancestry. She has been involved with the drum-dance culture for over 30 years, studying West African dance, drumming, and percussion with nationally and internationally recognized master artists from the African Diaspora. Want to be a guest on an upcoming show? Call us at 773-609-2226. Sonja Cassandra Perdue, Executive Produce, Chicago’s Black Business Radio Network www.ChicagosBlackBusinessRADIONetwork.com Dedicated to the phenomenal Mr. Boise Queen. Listen here: http://bit.ly/2T6rmGe

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