Knocking on the Door feat. Chris Thurston | Ep. 128


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Running it back on Trae Young, everybody’s a soccer expert, Mickelson stunk Thursday, a six-hour Massachusetts sports betting hearing, betting Gonzaga futures early, envelope excuses, Brooks Koepka tickets, more Stanley Cup Playoff series price swings, Bucks-Nets Game 7. Thanks to special guest Chris Thurston! (@ctbets16) “Chicken Dinner” is a sports betting show for everybody. Betting analyst Sam Panayotovich dives inside the markets Tuesday and Thursday with industry experts, bookmakers, bettors, writers and casino executives. SUBSCRIBE! “Chicken Dinner” on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn and wherever else you listen to your podcasts FOLLOW! @chickenxdinner @spshoot

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