#129: Hero's journey, Morphic Resonance, Global Phase Change and Jordan B. Peterson with Tom Morgan


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My guest today is Tom Morgan. Tom is the Director of Communications & Content at The KCP Group and writes a newsletter called The Attention Span. Tom has spent the last 16 years on Wall Street in research and data sales and focuses on consuming content and tries to extract actionable insights for busy people.

In this episode, we discussed:

  1. What’s a trend of modernist holism? What’s the global phase change?
  2. What’s Morphic Resonance? Do we have a solid explanation about coincidence and luck?
  3. How to avoid falling into your echo chamber and be a mindful reader/listener in today’s world?
  4. What do Joseph Cambell and Carl Jung’s mean about ‘follow your bliss’ or ‘follow your interests? How do we calculate our own hero journey?
  5. The three stages of life on ego and surrender.
  6. Jordan B. Peterson’s transition from books to books and the hemispheric breakdown from his book Maps of Meanings.
  7. Why does ‘Hero Journey’ grips our attention all the time? When you revisit fairy tales as a grow-up, there is always a new meaning behind them.
  8. What’s the symbolic meaning behind horned god?
  9. The concept of the dragon as a symbol in western and eastern society
  10. The hidden meanings behind Pinocchio
  11. Why is it so important to calculate the emotional granularity for educating the next generation?
  12. What’s the one thing that didn’t make sense to you before, but when you look back and it all connected?

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