4Ds That Will Help You Breakthrough in the Marketplace


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#147: Do you have a hard time as a Christian entrepreneur deciding between that line of marketing yourself and your program yet trying not to come across as greedy or not holy?

Today we are going to discuss how you can embrace and succeed in your entrepreneurial calling from God.

Here's a brief overview of the 4Ds:

  1. Delight - Your Ultimate Shortcut to Succeed
  2. Meaning of “Delight: Please someone greatly.
  3. How do we please the Lord? Get to know Him first.
  4. Design - What you are made of
  5. Do you feel that you are not enough when it comes to competing in the marketplace? Let me prove to you scientifically how your physiology is a prophetic picture of your productive capacity.
  6. Desire - Dare to be loved
  7. As parents, we love it when we see the look of DELIGHT on our children's faces when they open the gifts that they hoped for. God is the same with us. He wants us to talk to Him and tell Him what we want, regardless how big or small.
  8. Discipline - How you get there & stay there
  9. Discipline is the bridge between your DESIRED goals and your reality. Just like Olympic athletes have to train consistently and progressively towards to a medal, so do entrepreneurs.

This episode is the fourth of a 9 part series where Kelly will give insights into how we can level up ourselves and by extension our businesses as well, by using principles from her Power of One Framework™ program.

If you feel that these tips resonate with you and are interested into learning more principles from the Power of One Framework™, click the link below to get access to Kelly's complimentary masterclass. :)

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Remember, YOU Matter! See you in the next episode.

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