161: [Best of Year 3] Hearing From God, Decision Making & Discerning Unhealthy Leadership - Jenny Randle


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Is it possible to hear the voice of God? And how can you make tough decisions when you don’t get a clear answer directly from God?

We’re continuing our celebration of 3 years of the Christian Woman Leadership Podcast with our next episode in our “Best of” series. Today’s episode is the best of our third year of the podcast: Episode 117: Discerning the Voice of God and Making Spirit-Led Decisions with Jenny Randle.

Jenny provides valuable insights on the Holy Spirit’s role in our lives, a 7 question checklist for making decisions, and how to discern when the leaders you follow are unhealthy or harmful.

If you missed it the first time, or if you just need a reminder of how to hear from God, take a listen today!

For the full show notes, go to estherlittlefield.com/episode161.

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